6,100 Teachers. Looks like Bloomberg wasn’t bluffing, but will the Council stand up to him?


Historically, layoffs are often threatened as a budgetary bargaining chip.

In other words, the mayor basically yells what amounts to “fire” in a crowded theater, and more often than not, the money surfaces from the State or Washington, and the bad news is avoided. (layoffs in this case)

However this time, Mayor Michael Bloomberg is not bluffing, and for the first time since the 1970’s, public school teachers are looking at pick slips. A loss of 6,166 teachers, including an anticipated 4,100 layoffs.

Doomsday or is it Real. Cutting 21,000 Teachers


Formats for political debates must change.

The state has a 10 billion dollar budget gap, and as a result, Mayor Bloomberg just on Friday laid out a doomsday scenario where he says the city may be forced to slash 21,000 teaching positions.

It needs to be repeated, 21,000 teaching positions. We are talking about people that educate our children. People that are the only role models for many kids.

What did we get from that one general election debate, answers on how to deal with this fiscal mess. No, comic relief of “the rent is too damn high.”

Does NYC Schools need someone like hard charging DC Chancellor Michelle Rhee? I’m just asking.


She raised hell in Washington. Might D.C. Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee be ideal for New York City. 

A few questions here: 

Much has been made about D.C. voters recently rejecting incumbent Mayor Adrian Fenty over City Council Chair Vincent Gray – with the speculation that the Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee, cost Fenty the primary. Fenty gave Rhee free rein three years ago to overhaul the city’s dismal schools.

The Upcoming Televised Debates

To those of you interested in the political process, and I hope that is everyone, it’s that time of year, to start watching LIVE DEBATES on NY1.

First of all, no organization in this state comes close to doing as great a job on debates as NY1. Hours and hours of preparation go into the debates. Hours and Hours of meetings and research.

It doesn’t matter if your politics are Left, Right, Conservative, Liberal, Progressive. Or Independent. These debates are an opportunity for the public, a “snapshot” for you to see the candidates without some type of a media filter.