Brooklyn’s Biggest Political Joke: Caribbean-American Leadership

 Whilst the US Congress debates the thorny issues  of immigration and national security, all rolled into one great immigration reform package , the silence in Brooklyn of so-called Caribbean – American leaders is deafening.  But then: what’s new? In 1996 President Bill Clinton signed a supposed anti-terrorism bill, that turned out to be the worst piece of legislation afflicting the Caribbean, in the then 220 year history of this country. Ten years after this signing, the "islands" ( and all the mainland countries touching the Caribbean Sea), are suffering a crime-wave of anarchic porportions. For those unfamiliar with the issue, the US government  started a systematic deportation of lawbreakers, with no regard for  the impact. It has been devestating, especially in Trinidad, Haiti,Jamaica and Guyana.  

Given that the final version of this immigration bill is sure to impact the Caribbean in profound ways, you would think that elected officials- who were either Caribbean-born, or of Caribbean lineage, or those who profess to be Caribbean-loving when election time comes- would speak out loudly about various concerns ? No way. Sorry Jose.

 The Democrats have 42 District Leaders in Brooklyn,  only two are Caribbean-born. This in a borough where the population is creeping towards 3 million ( that’s not counting the undocumented aliens of course), and where people born in the Caribbean, make up one in every four. I would laugh some more if only it wasn’t real serious.