They Are Smelling Blood Folks!!!!!!

 Everyone surely knows by now that Assemblywoman Diane Gordon ( 40AD/ East New York/Brooklyn), has been directly linked to the whole sordid Clarence Norman  corruption mess. What is also known is that Ms. Gordon had failed to file campaign finance reports for almost 6 years or so.  Rumor has it that Ms. Gordon is close to an indictment for various political money shenanigans , especially when she pleaded "the fifth"on the stand, as a witness during one of Norman’s trials. It was stated some time aback that Ms. Gordon asked for immunity when Norman was before the Grand Jury. It was also stated that DA Hynes refused to grant her request.

Well folks, the sharks are circling the waters of her Assembly seat.

Longtime East New York political activist Winchester Keyes, has already announced his intention to run against Ms. Gordon, and has ben making the rounds for quite some time now. Keyes who toyed with the idea of challenging Charles Barron ( City Council/ 42nd Dist.) in both 2003 and 2005, last ran in 2000 ( the year Gordon unseated Griffith) for District leader of the Dems. He came in last in a 3-way race, losing to Gordon’s ally Earl Williams -the current leader. Coming in 2nd in that race was Carlos Bristol- a former Barron ally- who is rumoured to be supporting Keyes. Bristol is itching to replace Barron when term limits come in 2009, especially since he and Barron are  no longer on good terms.

WELL, here comes the newest possible entrant: KENNETH (Ken) EVANS.  Last time Evans showed up, he faced a brutal court challenge to his petitions when he ran against Gordon in 2002. The court finally put him on the ballot about a week before the primary, and he yet still garnered nearly 25% of the vote. Evans -who was the technican for Barron’s petitions in 2001- is no stranger to Brooklyn’s politcs. For many years he was the head of Brooklyn’s Urban League, and unsuccessfully challenged Senators Babboush and Sampson during the nineties, bravely taking-on  (deceased) Tony Genovese’s  political club in the process. Like Bristol, he too has some issues with Barron.