Climate Change Trauma

Climate Change Trauma


By Michael Boyajian


The New York Times recently reported that Britons are now more likely not to believe in climate change.  This is a complete reversal from just a few years ago.


Why the turnaround even in the face of evidence of climate change like the melting poles and drowning polar bears?   Perhaps the task of turning around this global catastrophe has become so daunting that like a patient with terminal cancer Britons have become resigned to the fact that stopping climate change is impossible and therefore all you can do is hope for the best.


We cannot overcome our dependence on fuels that contribute to climate change and we cannot bring the corporations to heel, they have become more powerful than all the governments of the world.  Just look at BP’s actions in the Gulf and how it pretty much ignores whatever the government of the United States of America says.  And the U.S. is surely the most powerful government in the world.  Yes, rendered helpless unable to stop the gushing oil itself and unable to push BP to do it themselves yet granting more drilling rights at the same time.


Then there is China with little concern for climate change putting its industrial development unhindered before environmental concerns.  How can you convince China to change its environmental policies when you cannot even convince them to reel in North Korea or agree to fair trading practices?


So the people of Britain look to these two powerhouses and say there is nothing that can be done and become convinced that there is nothing to stop climate change so it’s best to hope for the best by putting your head in the sand and hope it doesn’t exist.


And so the planet and its life forms careen towards certain death supported now by popular opinion.  This is how ancient civilizations have died, by giving up, and this is how our civilization, our entire planet will succumb.  Religious figures believe we are stewards of the planet.  If that is the case than we have failed in our duties and therefore we should be removed from that position.