Germany as European Union Catalyst

Germany as European Union Catalyst


By Michael Boyajian


Talk in the New York Times has it that Germany is shaking its cage within the European Union.  To offset the German economic behemoth a balance must be reached by bringing Russia into the E.U.  Yes, it’s time to start talking about the 800 pound gorilla in the room.


Russia is part of Europe and its economic muscle will propel  Europe to the economic level  enjoyed by the United States.  The problem is can you contain Russia, can you constrain her from swallowing the E.U. whole?


Right now Germany with its rising nationalism threatens the stability of the E.U.  This threat goes beyond Europe.  It affects the entire world because as we have stated before the E.U. serves as the model for a borderless world united in peace.  So it is not just Europe that is in jeopardy but the future of the world.


Bringing in Russia will be like setting off an explosion to put out a fire.  Yes it works.  But again, how to keep Russia in check?  Simply put Russia’s entry into the union would have to proceed through a special rider to the E.U. charter granting Russia full economic rights but limiting its enormous vote which gives it the potential for takeover.  The vote adjustment may have to be applied to all the E.U. nations out of fairness to Russia.  Sort of way the big American states were equalized with the smaller states at the nation’s inception.


Russia needs to be in the E.U. so it can diversify its commodity oriented economy.  It I suspect will be willing to make concessions for the benefits of E.U. membership.


The balance with Germany can be enhanced further with Turkey’s entry into the union.   It should be noted that both Turkey and Russia act as economic bridges to the Middle East and Asia proper respectively.  This all moves forward the E.U. model for a borderless world.


So as in a judo match Germany’s nationalism is used to expand the union while diminishing that country’s expansionist desires and lifting the E.U. economy ever higher while further unifying the planet and the concurrent world peace that follows such unity.  So Germany is no longer a singular threat but rather a catalyst for mutual expansion.