The Threat

Conservative forces inside the Republican Party have made a concerted effort over the last few years to destroy the liberal and moderate wings of the party.  Internet searches and emails to these liberal groups turned up defunct web pages and returned email.  Only some pro-choice, gay rights and environmental Republican groups remain.


One suspects that right wing money is behind the destruction of this wing just as they are responsible for the rise of tea party extremists, secessionists and homophobes in the Republican party.  These conservatives can project their numbers beyond the 20% of Americans who still identify with the party gaining power in Congress and on media outlets.


Just a few liberal GOP elected officials remain with one conservative being quoted as saying in reference to Maine’s two liberal Republican senators, “those women, they’re Democrats.”


Democrats may laugh at this destruction but really they should be afraid, very afraid because when these money men are done with the GOP they will certainly turn their eyes on the Democratic Party and liberal organizations and institutions whereas a small minority will control the entire nation most of whose people are far to their left.


Liberals, moderates and independents should unite and try to revive the liberal wing of the Republican Party creating a bulwark against these conservative forces and massaging the electorate so that the pendulum swings back to the liberal and moderate majority of the country.