We Are The New Romans?

The Romans were a warrior race who always believed that their actions were just and that it was the other side that was being unreasonable or provocative of the might of the empire.  Sound familiar?  Just look at the Iraq War or even the Mexican War that U.S. Grant himself called an “unnecessary war.”


Rome lasted for a thousand years but not just because of its military might.  It was also because it took care of its citizens with free food, entertainment, public works and even life giving baths.  The empire shared its loot.


Oh yes, there was rich and poor but the rich, though of a higher class and snobbish, did in fact care for the poor.  They gave them much including their ears.  And that is the difference between us and Rome.  In the past we did share the loot but not so today.  Today we are pushing 80 year old ladies into the street, letting people die from lack of healthcare and keeping people down and not even giving them a chance to be heard without ridicule and violent reactions.


Think we are the new Rome?  Think again.  Think we will last a thousand years.  Think again.