Parallel Faith

I had written recently that you could create a new world religion by using a common framework that applied to all the world’s religions thereby synthesizing them all into one.  It was pointed out that this could not be done because either you believed Jesus is God or he isn’t.


This belief does not prevent advancement of my proposal for two reasons.  First, under Hinduism, for instance, God manifests himself/herself in many ways and forms.  Many religions recognize Jesus.  Hindus believe Jesus visited India during his lifetime specifically during those years that are missing from his biographical record.  They also like Jesus very much while retaining their own religion.


Hindus also believe that Mary has appeared in India many times and again they like her very much as well while retaining their own beliefs.


To say synthesis is impossible is to deny reality.  I for one believe in Jesus Christ yet also think our world is Vishnu’s dream and that Native American beliefs can sooth the spirit.  If I can believe all of this than many others do as well and none of us has been struck down by the almighty nor should we fear such a thing.


The second way of looking at this is through the physics theory of parallel universes.  This is not fringe science but fairly mainstream in this day and age.  If you can have parallel universes than why can’t you have parallel Gods?


Is it a mistake or coincidence that great expansions in faith and intellect occurred independently of each other at the same time around the world?  I think not.  There was the historical development of parallel Gods each suited to the needs of a specific people yet all existing together for the common good.


Faith requires faith and belief in a new world religion requires faith also and that is what faith is all about.