The Gateway (Resting Comfotably Edition)

When the election adrenalin wore off, I collapsed in exhaustion.

Then the arrival in the mail of a rare 8-LP box entitled “The Complete Decca Studio Recording of Louis Armstrong and the All Stars” required rearranging a room containing a 5000 LP collection from the point in the alphabet after the letter “A”.  

My back and brain are still not fully recovered, but it’s been almost a week since my last post and I just wanted everyone to know I was still alive, so here are a few snarky comments to hold you over until I achieve full recovery from my (mostly) mental exhaustion.       




A Gatemouth rerun:

Gatemouth (7/12/12): I love Mary Alice Miller, but a few points are in order about her piece puffing the nearly non-existent prospects of the State Senate Dems, which should be subtitled “The World According to Mike Gianaris’ Masturbation Fantasies.”:

1) The assertion Marty Golden hasn't had an opponent in ten years is somewhat incorrect. He did not have an opponent for eight years, but he did have one two years ago.

2) “If you look at the democratic performance in his district, he represents a very democratic area that vote Democrat for every other elected official but him,”

I'm not sure Bob Turner, Nicole Malliotakis, Jimmy Oddo or David Storobin (who currently represents part of Golden’s new district) would agree.

[11/14/12 Comment: Nice try, but in retrospect, maybe one should have given a bit more thought to Nassau instead]

3) What is pro-gay radical feminist Miller doing puffing anti-choice, anti-gay, Democratic turned Republican turned DINO Chuck Swanick?

[11/14/12 Comment: Swannick didn't even make it out of the primary, except on the Conservative line]

4) "There are two districts in Nassau the DSCC is looking at"

Looking at? Petitions are being filed by tonight at midnight and you can't even name the candidate?

[11/14/12 Comment: Perhaps they should have looked at those seats a bit sooner]

5) “Simcha Felder is going to win in November"

Perhaps; but what he will do in January is quite open to question.

[11/14/12 comment:]

6) "The DCSS is looking forward to 32 seats, which would be comfortable enough so that there are no Democrats in Name Only (DINOs) like Espada."

With the IDC, Diaz, possibly Felder, and maybe Linares?

[11/14/12 Comment: Shame on me for forgetting Malcolm Smith]

RU fucking kidding?  




Catsimatidis: It’s just a lot work and a lot of dedication that goes into it. Can I do the job? I could do the job with my left pinkie.

GATE: This from a man who can't find a way to keep expired milk off his shelves. Wanted: GOP Mayoral Hopeful With Vague Conservative Impulses, Massive Personal Wealth a Plus   




Why does the name Carrion conjure up the image of a vulture seeking easy meat? Carrión's defection stirs up hope, and denunciations | Capital New York   




For all the Brooklyn "progressives" who think they know who the white hats are among the black hats, let it be noted that the Pro-Velazquez/Restler Arnoni "Good Guys" backed Nan Haworth for Congress, while the reactionary Zalis backed Sean Patrick Maloney (!!!). Blood feud dampens Satmar power – The Insider | Crain's New York Business




Liz Abzug: Next week we will welcome a new Democratic Caucus where — for the first time in Congressional history — the majority will be women and minorities. We expect to have 61 women, 43 African Americans, 27 Hispanics, 10 Asian Americans and 6 LGBT Americans in our Caucus.

Gate: It certainly is long overdue, but I bet almost all of them would be even happier if there were 18 more Democrats, even if they were all straight white males.




Chait: … the Washington consensus is that the most dire threat to the world is the possibility that the deficit will be solved without a soul-warming bipartisan Grand Bargain,   




Not fer nuthin, but you heard it here first on 11/18/12. Obama’s Decline of Support Among Jewish Voters Bigger than Other Religious Groups | Gestetner Update   




I will only note that fact that the Yiddish word for the operative body organ is "schmuck" is not without reason. All About the Petraeus Scandal