The Rise of Civilizations

These are breath taking times as great civilizations rise again and hopes of world union and world peace begin to move in that direction.


China traces its civilization back 5,000 years to great dynasties like the Shang, Chou, Han, Song, Ming and others times when emperors were heard to say “tremble and obey.”


The Arab world begins to stir with hopes glimmering for a return to the vast civilization that swept from the Middle East, through North Africa and into Spain and Portugal.


Turkey and Russia begin to find their sea legs with hopes abounding that they act as bridges between Europe and Asia and the Middle East.


Europeans stand united and with all their troubles remain the largest economy.


America is entering a new age of caring for its people at home and working with rather than aggressing against people around the world.


If these civilizations go on to form unions as do places like Latin America and Asia, with their neighbors like the E.U. we can one day hope that they will all blend into one super union devoted to world peace and prosperity forever.