On Cuomo

I am sitting here trying to figure out why Andrew Cuomo deserves a liberal primary challenge.  Did he not legalize same sex marriage in New York changing the issue’s momentum nationwide?  Was he not one of the few elected officials to pass tough gun control lows in response to Sandy Hook?  Could it be because he has provided business incentives in the state?  Does his opponent Ms. Teachout plan on implementing a Soviet style managed economy in the state?  Is a pre K education not a liberal program?  Some say Teachout is squeaky clean.  But tax questions surround her like the stink that follows a drunk with diarrhea out of a public bathroom.  No I think the clear choice is Andrew Cuomo liberal now more than ever yet opposed by an element of the left that resembles the Tea Party complete with fanatic ideological purity tests.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Might someone who is a “progressive” have a different view of things in the state with the highest tax burden in the country than they would in a low tax state?

    If so, Cuomo is a progressive. He doesn’t agree that our unmet needs are because we aren’t paying enough in taxes. He thinks we should get a somewhat better deal.

    His opponents are those affiliated with the government who want to provide less for more.

    Yet he can’t say so in the primary, because that would open him up to attack in the general election by Astorino.

    I’ve got a lot of issues with Cuomo, see him as an amoral careerist, and don’t trust him, but your point is well taken.