Following Eric Garner, Dominic Carter talks to the Mother of Anthony Baez & BP Eric Adams

The Mother of Anthony Baez, is in this emotional interview with TV Journalist Dominic Carter. You can click here to see it. The details of the Eric Garner Case are a reminder of what happened to her son 20 years ago in the Bronx.  NYPD Officer Frances Livoti was initially found not guilty, but convicted on Federal Civil Rights Violations and was sent to prison for seven years.

On this day, Dominic also talked with Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams who is a retired Police Official.  You can click here to see the Adams interview. Adams says it is a quote: “game changer,” if it is accurate in the Akai Gurley case in Brooklyn that the officer in the accidental shooting spent the first six minutes contacting his union representative before reaching out to the NYPD, or obtaining medical assistance for Mr. Gurley.

Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson has the Akai Gurley Case before a grand jury.

Up next, Dominic Carter’s conversation with PBA President Pat Lynch, who feels the officer in the Garner Case, Daniel Pantaleo, should return to full active duty.