NYC Primary Contests

Party Designating petitions were filed at the NYC Board of Elections on Thursday and it’s time for my annual report on this year’s likely upcoming Primary contests.

This being an off-year in City politics, it’s a pretty short list. When I know something about the candidates and the political situation, I will include some of that information in this report.

Note that some of this will change as candidates can still withdraw and be replaced, some candidates will be removed from the ballot because of insufficient signatures or some other error and there may have been a clerical error or two by Board of Elections’ personnel in listing the candidates.

I exclude any contests for Judicial Delegates & Alternates and County Committee as they are so obscure that even political junkies don’t usually care about them.



Civil Court Judge

8th JD

Court Attorneys Lisa Headley & Ta-Tanisha James are the candidates.

District Leader

65 AD, Part C

District Leader Jenifer Rajkumar is being challenged by Community Board Chair Gigi Li.

66 AD, Part B

District Leaders John Scott & Jean Grillo spilt from their original club – Downtown Independent Democrats and as a result are opposed by Dennis Gault, a local educator & Terri Cude, Community Board officer.

67 AD, Part B

District Leader Earl Scott is opposed by William King.

68 AD, Part B

Incumbent Harry Rodriguez is being challenged by former Congressional Aide Johnny Rivera, while Female Leader Peggy Morales is opposed by Tanisha Pilar Dejesus.

68 AD, Part C

Minister Kelmy Rodriguez is running against District Leader John Ruiz.

68 AD Part D

Gina Smith is opposed by Nylissa Whittaker.

70 AD, Part A

District Leader William Allen is being challenged by former Congressional candidate Vince Morgan, while appointed District Leader Yasmin Cornelius has 2 opponents – 68 AD District Leader Cordell Clarke, who has been moved to the 70th AD as a result of redistricting & housing activist Afua Atta-Mensah.

70 AD, Part D

Incumbent Marisol Alcantara is being challenged by former Council candidate Alicia Barksdale, while the contest for Male Leader is between charter school activist Dan Clark & political consultant Landon Dais.

71 AD, Part A

Appointed District Leader Juan Rosa faces a challenge from former Councilman Robert Jackson.

72 AD, Part A

Assemblyman Guillermo Linares is opposing District Leader Manny Del Los Santos, as part of a series of contests in the AD between Linares & his allies & State Senator Adriano Espaillat & his supporters.

Espaillat allied District Leader Maria Morillo is opposed by Linares running mate Yuderka Valdez & former Assembly candidate Francesca Castellanos.

72 AD, Part B

Espaillat ally Carmen Del Los Rosa is opposed by Linares ally Alsacia Jimenez & by Argentina Cruz.

76 AD, Part A

As a result of a fight among 3 Democratic clubs, there’s a 3-way contest here.

Lenox Hill Democratic Club Leader John Halebian & his running mate, Jill Eisner as opposed by East Side Democratic Club’s Steven Goldberg & Barbara Rudder & 4 Freedoms Democratic Club’s Mike Dillon & Esther Yang.

76 AD, Part B

East Side Club Leaders, former Assemblyman Micah Kellner & Pauline Dana-Bashian are opposed by 4 Freedoms candidates Adam Roberts & Kim Moscaritolo.



Civil Court Judge

6th JD

Judge Michael Gerstein is being challenged by court attorney Isris Isela Isaac.

7th JD

Carolyn Walker-Diallo, a lawyer for a non-profit faces John Rodriguez.


State Committee

42 AD

Incumbent Trisha Alleyne & her running mate Herman Hall are opposed by Michele Adolphe & Jamie Sanders.

45 AD

Incumbent Joan Braunstein faces a challenge from Lioudmila Cohen.

49 AD

Stephen Maresca is opposed by Paul DiSpito.

57 AD

Incumbent Lois Voyticky is challenged by Marilyn Miller.



City Council

23 CCD

6 candidates filed to replace Mark Weprin. They are former Assemblyman Barry Grodenchik, former Council candidate Robert Friedrich, former Mayoral aide Rebecca Lynch, lawyer Ali Najmi, former congressional aide Celia Dosamantes & Sikh community leader Satnam Singh Parhar.


29 AD

3 candidates filed to succeed William Scarborough – education activist Alicia Hyndman, youth worker Terryl Ebony De Mendonca and David Johnson.


Civil Court


Judge Mitchell Danziger is being challenged by Miguel Santiago.

Staten Island


State Committee

63 AD

Incumbents John Cilmi & Karen Chestnut-Sayers are opposed by former Assembly candidate Joseph Tirone & Kristin Golat.

Who didn’t file petitions

There was no petitions filed in the races to succeed former Assemblyman Alec Brook-Krasny & former Councilman Vincent Ignizio because candidates will not be chosen on Primary Day.

For the first time in years, there are no Republican Primaries in Queens as peace has broken out between the two Party factions who have been fighting for control for years.

Legendary Manhattan District Leader Jim McManus, who was first elected in 1963 as part of a family tradition going back to 1892 is not running for re-election. But the tradition continues as the unopposed District Leader candidates are his nephew & niece, Michael & Denise Spillane.