It’s Over (Second Debate)

Yes it’s over.  Call it a day. Sorry that it had to end this way. no reason to pretend. (Deniece Williams and Johnny Mathis)

Hillary gets an “A” Trump a “D,” for the second debate.

Trump’s campaign is on life support. The first 15 minutes of the debate, it seemed he was almost functioning like was a zombie, perhaps that was his way of being contrite. Trump, again had issues with his sensitive microphone picking up his breathing.

Inappropriate for Trump to bring several women to the debate who have accused Bill Clinton of unwanted sexual advances. Bottom Line, the clock is winding down on Trump. Trump did nothing to build on his base or anything to cut into Hillary Clinton’s lead. In fact things are going so badly these days for Trump, the question is will he cost Republicans the Senate Majority. Trump is on the ropes.

Second debate victory win for Hillary Clinton. I got to watch it from first visiting Chicago today, and then Wisconsin.