Two Pols In A Pod


For those who are afraid that Donald Trump might actually become the Republican nominee for President next year, I say don’t worry.


Remember 4 years ago and see if these qualities that describe the then GOP front runner in all the polls don’t also apply to Trump. And we all remember what happened to that frontrunner.


Obnoxious New Yorker

Hosted NBC TV Show

Obsessed with golf

More On Main Street Moderate Myths


Last week’s votes in the Congress are more evidence that the growing power of Republican moderates is just a wishful thinking by those who are always looking for the thoughtful moderates who will save the day.


On Friday night, the House voted to prohibit all funds for the Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) and its affiliates. Not funding for abortion but all funds!

The Myth Of Main Street Moderate


A few pundits and others in the press have decided that moderate Republicans are making a comeback.


They have decided this true because the number of Republican Senators & Congressmen who are members of the self-declared centrist group, the Republican Main Street Partnership has grown.


Here’s the Political Fix blog of the Washington Post –