Educating Mr. Wolfson


The latest edition of City Hall News has a front page article about Mayor Bloomberg being criticized over Cathy Black, the Citytime scandal & the snow.

Pushing back against the idea that Mike is being criticized more now than in his first two terms is Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson:

The NFL & Health Insurance


Whenever there is a labor dispute involving athletes and management, I almost always support the millionaire workers rather than the billionaire owners.


But sometimes even union members just don’t understand what it’s like in the real word.


On, there is an article about the NFL Players Association mounting a lobbying and PR campaign urging members of congress to push the owners to strike a deal.


Who Is The Missing Man?


Friday’s Wall Street Journal had a very good story about the State government failing to go after Pedro Espada in 1995.

But for some reason, the story did not list the name of the man who was Governor at the time.

I wonder why.

Hmm, could it be because the Governor wasn’t named Cuomo, Spitzer or Paterson?

What Is Paterson Saying?


Governor Paterson, in an attempt to justify his giving $16.7 million in discretionary money to among others, the millionaire owners of the NFL in support of the Super Bowl in New Jersey, said –

“This money, it is not spent. It could not be used to save jobs, and could not be sent back to the treasury,”

Does This Story Tell Us Something About Fox’ Honesty Or Competence?


The Fox Business Network focused on what it called “The War on Business” all last week, but on Tuesday its coverage was decidedly more focused — with a series of reports about a California ballot initiative that its parent company, the News Corporation, had spent $1.3 million to defeat.

Yet in its expanded coverage of the issue, Fox did not disclose the News Corporation’s donation to a group working to defeat Proposition 24.