Rick are you running scared? Big Mistake to turn down the NY1 debate

Ten years ago, I was at the Buffalo Senate Debate where a relative unknown at the time, Suffolk County Congressman Rick Lazio walked across the stage and stuffed a campaign pledge in front of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

But that move, perceived as bullying, locked his place in political history as an example of what not to do during a debate with a female candidate. Clinton's support among women voters was solidified. Lazio may now again be in a circular firing squad of one.

The Upcoming Televised Debates

To those of you interested in the political process, and I hope that is everyone, it’s that time of year, to start watching LIVE DEBATES on NY1.

First of all, no organization in this state comes close to doing as great a job on debates as NY1. Hours and hours of preparation go into the debates. Hours and Hours of meetings and research.

It doesn’t matter if your politics are Left, Right, Conservative, Liberal, Progressive. Or Independent. These debates are an opportunity for the public, a “snapshot” for you to see the candidates without some type of a media filter.