What’s behind Bill Clinton coming to Obama’s Rescue?

The fact that Bill Clinon is aiding President Obama, is that a sign that Hillary Clinton won't run against Obama. 

Is it really true if you listen to Joe Biden that Hillary Clinton won't be replacing Biden as Number two on the ticket?
Maybe Bill Clinton is really over his hurt of Obama outsmarting the Clintons during the campaign, and just wants to help a fellow democrat. I say all of this as a backdrop to Friday at the White House.
The obstacle for President Obama?

These days the tight rope of appealing to moderates while trying to keep the liberal wing of the Democratic Party behind him. Liberals are quite angry over extending tax cuts for the rich. So upset that the words, "one term president" are starting to be heard more and more about Obama.  Former NYC  one term Mayor David Dinkins faced the same problem.  On the international Stage, so did President Nelson Mandela of South Africa.

Obama Friday turned to the man who was lost the House and Senate in 1994, but was quite good at selling controversial ideas.

A site for all eyes, including veteran reporters. Two presidents at the podium in the White House press room, discussing Democratic infighting over the tax cut extension plan.

Then, an even more extraordinary sight: President Obama leaving, former President Bill Clinton holding court with reporters for 20 more minutes. Obama told reporters he had to appear at another Christmas Party.

"I'm going to let him speak very briefly," Obama said. "And then I've actually got to go over and do just one more Christmas party. So he may decide he wants to take some questions, but I want to make sure that you guys hear it from him directly."

Former President Bill Clinton told outraged Democratic liberals they're wrong to think Obama could have gotten more if he'd tried harder.

"There's never a perfect bipartisan bill in the eyes of a partisan but…this will be a significant net plus for the country," Clinton politely scolded Democrats and Republicans alike.

Clearly Clinton enjoyed his star turn back at the White House podium, but no matter what, the talk of Obama being a one term president is not going away.  Infact it will only intensify.