With Congressman Weiner, next week will be very interesting

Congressman Anthony Weiner maintains he will not resign over the sex scandal, and anyone that even remotely knows Weiner is aware that he would never step down on his own. Never!

Increasingly however, the situation is looking more and more like it could be out of Weiner’s hands. Local Democrats have several qualified possible successors ready to take over should Weiner go down in flames, City Councilman Mark Weprin, former City Councilwoman Melinda Katz and former City Councilman Eric Gioia. Weiner's biggest problem now is whether Democrats (his own party) will walk away from him. Several have already called for his resignation.

It’s not looking good.

To even float the possibility of Weiner now running for Mayor of NY is ridiculous. The headlines are non stop, and career ending. The latest one on Saturday was regarding Weiner internet contact with a 17 year old Delaware girl.

“Nothing explicit. Nothing indecent. Absolutely nothing inappropriate," the embattled Congressman said as he left his Forest Hills apartment.

Cops in New Castle County, Del. yesterday questioned the high school junior about her communications with Weiner whom she met on a field trip to D.C.

Weiner told reporters Saturday:

"Look I’ve made some serious mistakes here. I have to redeem myself and I’m going to try to get back to work. These were personal failings and I’m trying not to let it get into my professional work," he said.

Again the Congressman maintained he’s not going to resign over the sex scandal. The recent poll that showed 56 percent of his constituents feel he should stay on is great news for him but Weiner knows teams of reporters are out there looking for the smoking gun, (if one exists) and other elected officials may shove him under the bus.

I ask you, politically can Weiner hang on?