Thank You to my fellow Inner Circle Members-You brought tears to my eyes

Had a beautiful, great time this weekend at the Inner Circle Show. The show was a hit on, and off the stage. The packed house meant more proceeds for the dozens of charities helped by the benefit performances. Mayor Bloomberg for his part, was joined by stars Nick Jonas, Beau Bridges and other cast members of “How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying.” In this photo is my Aunt Inez with the Mayor.

Today’s Special Election: Weprin/Turner and Obama

Forget that ultimately the seat may be gone thanks to redistricting—the battle for ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner's House seat has come down to today and is a real referendum on President Obama.

Shockingly, polling suggests that in this heavily democratic Queens/Brooklyn district, it’s better to be the Republican, one time unknown challenger, Bob Turner today rather than Democrat David Weprin.