Circus of the Damned

Have you noticed that your anxiety levels have dropped off and you feel less hatred towards your fellow human beings? You may wonder why that is and the answer is quite simple. The conservative goons in Congress have gone home to spew their unique blend of hate and racism locally and are out of the public eye. Maybe we should pass a law that Congress works out of their home state homes. Then we in New York would not have to see the likes of these extremists.

The funny thing is that they still persist in their attacks on the President, attacks that seem to have racist undertones. So right now they and their minions are wearing racist suits but I guarantee that as soon as Hillary Clinton declares her intent to run for president then one hundred million screaming tea bagger racists will turn into one hundred million screaming tea bagger misogynists.

You doubt this? Just peruse Facebook and you will see it. Post something to your Timeline about Hillary and some Neanderthal will inevitably jump from racist to misogynist without missing a beat. And they don’t articulate a logical position but rather depend on the use of expletives filled with hate.

But you can just delete or hide these posts and they are gone from your mind. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for the Congressional conservatives who when they return to the media eye in September will either continue with their Southern Man innuendos when dealing with Obama or change tactics and put on their brass knuckles and in an appeal to domestic violence perps everywhere go after Hillary with blind hatred. But you still have some time left this summer to enjoy the peace before they all return and the maniac circus of the damned begins again.