To The Loo With Wu

I grew up on Long Island, lived in Brooklyn and now live in the small village of Fishkill. So you might say that I have big city smarts and small town values.


So will someone explain to me what makes Wu so special as a candidate for lieutenant governor against the Cuomo ticket? He claims to be a crackerjack anti-trust lawyer but during his time as one the following mergers took place with little or no benefit to the public:


Delta with Air France

American Airlines with US Air

United Airlines with Continental

Burger King with Hortons of Canada

AT&T with Direct TV

Google with Motorola

Tyson Foods with Hillshire


Hey Wu, what’s next IBM with Apple? No, I think Mr. Wu is big talk no action and the only people that benefit are corporate fat cats. I may be from a small town but I didn’t fall off a turnip truck and I know when someone is trying to sell me the Brooklyn Bridge.