You Ain’t Chasing Me Out This Time

Back in 1984 I left the Democratic Party because they really pissed me off. You see I was a big supporter of John Glenn for president. I even wrote a letter to the editor in Newsday calling the former astronaut and then senator a “real hero” compared to Ronald Reagan.


Well the Democratic left pushed through Walter Mondale and the bland Minnesotan was crushed by Reagan in the general election. Now the left is rising its head again after being silenced during the centrist, peaceful and prosperous Bill Clinton years and blindly nuzzling Teachout for governor against Cuomo.


Well you ain’t chasing me out of the party this time. My wife and I just filled out our primary election absentee ballots and let’s just say Governor Cuomo has at least two votes already with a few more million on the way from the rank and file Democrats. Look if you don’t like the Democratic Party don’t destroy it just go and start your own party like the New York State Conservative people did when they split from the Republicans under Rockefeller. Now they have New York Republicans jumping through hoops and with your new party you can do the same with Democrats if you dream big enough.