The Barbarians at the Gates

I spoke earlier about purging the fringe elements from the left and right. Let me tell you a story about purging.


When I was a Young Republican in the 90s I was in a leadership role and one day two guys who wanted to become Young Republicans came in and showed us a picture they had created of Mario Cuomo having his eyes ripped out by an eagle.


I and the other leaders discussed this and upstater, downstater, conservative, liberal, moderate all agreed these two had to go. They were purged.


So the GOP at one time had gatekeepers as did the Democrats. But then Bush Jr. invaded Iraq and the Republican gatekeepers either left the party or went inactive and the gates were left open and eventually fringe elements came in and took over the party and these people were called the Tea Party.


Now something happened to the Democrats too and the Occupy Wall Streeters started exercising control. Now I understand you occupied a Wall Street park for year but that does not give you a right to chase our popular liberal governor out of town.  Don’t get me wrong I like a little protest having marched in DC in the middle of winter against the Iraq War and organizing for the no nukes rally in lower Manhattan in the 70s for NYPIRG.


So the gatekeepers on the left and the right must tend to their gates and the barbarians must never be allowed to cross the Po again.