The Issue of Unfair Education Funding

Just throwing money at a problem is NOT a solution….History has shown us that such an approach only adds to the existent criticism.
However for years, there have been, and remains, large differences on the political spectrum when it comes to funding between wealthy and poor public school districts.
Public education is supposed to provide a level playing field for all children….but for the most part, nothing could be further from the truth these days when it leveling the playing field.
For 30 years in my journalism career, I have listened to the funding inequity argument, and for 30 years, the problem is still here.
Sadly,  education funding often comes down to how strong is the local lobbying effort for the children. In other words, if you come from an affluent district with powerful elected officials, then your school district does not have a problem.
We took on the issue Friday night with Billy Easton, the Exec Dir of the Alliance for Quality Education and NYS Assemblywoman Shelley Mayer. (Click Here to see the TV segment)