Prime News On The Way


Prime News, our annual recap of local election results will be mailed on Wednesday to those on our mailing list. If anyone not on our list wants a copy or if you just can't wait, you can email me at and I'll send you a PDF.

I’m Back With A Blast From The Past


Now that Room 8 seems to be functioning, I'm joining Gatemouth in coming back.

Some of you may remember that in 2007, I postulated a theory of the two electorates – a small group of well informed voters and a massive group that could care less about politics. And I suggested that cable TV & the web were largely responsible for this

This week's Economist has a story that, whicle focusing on cable news, makes many of the same points.

Here it is –

NYC Primary Contests


Designating petitions have now been filed with Board of Elections and we can now see where likely September Primary contests will occur.


This list is subject to change as candidates will withdraw or be removed from the ballot after petitions are reviewed.


There are also probably typos & omissions on the list I received.


Storobin-Fidler Inside The Numbers


The Board of Elections has now released the voter history for those who voted in the recent Storobin-Fidler Special Election.


While it’s a little late, as we have had a Statewide Primary election to digest since then, I thought it would be interesting to compare the Special Election voters to all voters in the (soon to disappear) 27th Senate District.


Party breakdown

New Congressional & State Legislative Districts

I'm please to report that Prime New York's voter file can now produce counts & products for voters in the new New York Congressional, State Senate & State Assembly Districts
We can produce statistical reports on districts and more importantly, we can produce products, including  walking lists and  phone & mailing files.
Contact me at if you have any requests.

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