How To Run Elections


The Wall Street Journal has a column on the vote counting in the election for California Attorney General.

Columnist John Fund writes:

The race to determine who will be the attorney general of California is still too close to call. Democrat Kamala Harris, San Francisco's district attorney, leads Republican Steve Cooley, the DA for Los Angeles County, by 31,000 votes out of nearly nine million cast. And there are more than 750,000 ballots left to count.

In Frank Rich’s World – Nobody Can Win An Election


Frank Rich in Sunday’s NY Times writes one of those pithy comments that make no sense if anyone thinks about it for more than a minute.

You can’t win an election without a coherent message. Obama, despite his administration’s genuine achievements, didn’t have one. The good news — for him, if not necessarily a straitened country — is that the G.O.P. doesn’t have one either