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Nick Perry Swears That He Is No Drop-Out


Last week, the publisher of "Footnotes" newspaper (Maurice Gumbs), had a lengthy conversation with Assemblymember Nick Perry. From this encounter Gumbs has stated emphatically that Nick is running for the 11th Congressional seat. This surprising news item comes amid speculation that Perry was a late scratch from the crowded field. It further bolsters a recent report in the Caribbean Life newspaper, wherein Perry was quoted as saying " reports of my political demise ( regarding this race)are grossly exaggerated".

Today there is even more speculation that the late scratch will be Yvette Clarke instead, since Ms. Clarke is widely seen as hitting the same voting base ( Caribbean-Americans) as Perry. There is also speculation that Ms.Clarke is having fundraising issues. My feeling is that Yvette is determined to contest this race no matter what.

Defending KT


I think it’s time to defend KT McFarland from the jackals of the press. While it’s true that her candidacy is a joke as she has no chance to win and the initial press she received was absurdly out of proportion to what she deserved, now both the Times & Post are going overboard the otherway. Last week’s Times story that said she lying about her resume was disproved by the quotes from the Deputy Secretary of Defense who she worked for. Saturday’s Post story about her "crazy" comments about Hllary spying on her was weakly sourced. No Post reporter was there. KT claimed she was joking about Hillary and that everyone knew it. The only people quoted by name as saying she wasn’t joking were 2 supporters of her GOP opponent John Spencer. That didn’t stop the Post from doing a followup story & an editorial on Sunday.

Brooklyn’s Congressional Races Warming Up


Candidates from Brooklyn’s 10th Congressional race faced off in a public debate last weekend. NYC council member Charles Barron, Assemblyman Roger Green and Hip-hop entrepeneur Kevin Powell appeared before an audience of about sixty community residents at Grace memorial Baptist Church. One week earlier, candidates from the 11thCongressional District appeared before the same crowd, as Pastor Underwood continues to hold these forums, in hopes of awakening public interest in the upcoming races.

The Rock



Christened HERMON EMANUEL JEROME HACKSHAW when he was born on the Caribbean island of Trinidad, “Rock” came to New York in 1973 and has lived here continuously ever since. He became a citizen of the USA in 1996, and now holds dual citizenship (USA & The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago).

Curse You Chuck Barron


(2nd in an occasional series documenting the exploits of one of New York's most eclectic political dynasties)

If they are really serious about inflicting damage upon the national Democratic Party, there's one New York congressional race, currrently appearing on neither party's list of targetted seats, to which Karl Rove and Ken Mehlman should be directing massive Republican resources. That is New York's 10th Congressional District, currently held by Democrat Edolphus "ET" Towns. And, already there is evidence that "The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy" has figured this out.

Wonk This Way With Larry


“Littlefield is a policy wonk.” That is how Erik Engquist, then a Brooklyn Politics columnist, described me when I ran as a minor party protest candidate for state assembly in 2004. While I may consider myself more of a moral philosopher, you will probably want to read posts based on my knowledge of comparative public finance, land use planning, regional economics and transportation. I will try to limit myself to pointing out things that I know that perhaps you don’t, but probably should, and to avoid topics where the reader knows more than I do.

I ran for office after years of mounting disappointment with public policy at the state level in New York, and increasing frustration that when I went to cast a vote for legislative offices, there was generally only one name on the ballot – or perhaps a second name of someone who didn’t even bother to campaign. Eventually just complaining and saying “someone should do something about this” seemed lazy and dishonest. The last straw was when my Assemblymember came to my neighborhood for a nonsense PR public meeting, I asked him if he could vote “no” if the next state budget continued contain certain very objectionable (possibly even to him) priorities, and (while not directly answering the question) he pretty much indicated that he could not. So I did my civic duty, and having done so (“sorry about the collapse of public services and the bankruptcy of the government kids, but Dad did all he could”), I can go back to complaining.

Curse you Vic Barron


Today, news reports revealed that disgraced former Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Victor Barron was once again denied parole. Apparently, the inability to receive bribes has impaired his abilty to pay his debt to society.

Sadly, Barron is almost forgotten today, his crimes eclipsed by  news of trials involving more glamorous organized criminal enterprises like the Gotti and Garson crime families. But, it was Barron's actions which opened up the floodgates on attempts to "reform" the judicial selection process.

"Reformers", in this instance, divide neatly between  those who seek to implement "merit selection", i.e, making the judicial selection process less democratic (by eliminating elections), and those who want to make the selection process more so (by having real ones). At the Supreme Court level, the current process, which involves having party nominees chosen by judical nominating conventions, combines the evils of both systems with the virtues of neither. Some "reformers" will settle for either extreme against the present muddled middle, and I have to concede that even selecting names from a hat or casting lots at Purim time would probably eliminate some of the current system's flaws.

Jets Stadium


Some recent events have highlighted how completely full of it, Mike & Doctoroff & the Jets were last year in pushing for the West Side stadium.

#1 – Cablevision has announced they want to build a new MSG near the new Post Office. Anybody want to bet on whether Mike will offer them millions in subsidies even though last year Cablevision was attacked by the Administration for not paying enough taxes.

#2 – Corzine wants to re-open negotiations on the new stadium for the the Giants & Jets and he thinks maybe it should have a dome, so it can be used more often. Both the Giants & Jets don’t want a dome and say it would be a deal breaker. The West Side stadium was supposed to have a dome and Mike & Dan & Jay Cross claimed that  the dome would make the stadium much more succesful.

#3 – Last year, the NFL pulled the NFL draft from MSG because Cablevision was an enemt of footbal fans. This year, the draft will be held at Radio City, another Cablevision property. What changed?  

Anti-Catholic Politicians


Did anybody notice this quote in today’s Newsday

Catholic leaders opposed to the measure "should spend more time protecting little boys from pedophile priests."

Who said it? Some left-wing Democrat who hates people of faith? No.  It was a conservative Republican – Congressman Peter King! I await the reports on FOX about King’s "thinly veiled" attacks on the church.  

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